Air Conditioning Service in Braintree, Essex

If you've noticed your air conditioning isn't keeping you as cool as it should this summer or there are bad smells coming from your system, you may need an Air Conditioning Refresh or Service.

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Air Conditioning Refresh - £25

  • Full cleanse of your air conditioning system
  • Kills bacteria and viruses
  • Remove bad odours from the system, and replace with one of five refreshing scents: apple, blueberry, lemon, rush (musk) or unfragranced
  • We recommend this yearly

Air Conditioning Service - £139

  • Remove and replace all the gas in the system
  • Ensure the system is fully charged in-line with your manufacturer's specification
  • Complete check of all air conditioning pipes and components
  • We recommend this every 2 years

Air Conditioning Refresh & Service - £159

Book a service and refresh together to save £5 and your car's will air conditioning will be feeling as cool and fresh as it was when new!

Air Conditioning Facts

  • Roughly 10% of the gas needed to keep you car cool will leak from the system every year
  • Air Conditioning Systems need recharging with gas and lubricants every 2 years
  • Bacteria can build up in your air conditioning system if not used regularly causing bad odours from your system
  • Some studies have shown using your Air Conditioning at speeds over 55mph can save fuel as opposed to having the windows open
  • Using your Air Conditioning all year around helps to maintain the components

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