Winter Tyres - Are They Worth It?

Whether or not we should invest in winter tyres in the UK is a common household debate around this time of year. Here at Quest Motor Group, we’ve summed up exactly what winter tyres are and why you should consider them this winter!

So, what makes UK winter tyres so different?

Winter tyres feature specially designed tread patterns that perform best in harsher weather conditions. It’s a common misconception that winter tyres are only useful in the snow, but this is in fact false. Fitted with a greater tread ratio and depth, winter tyres are more able to grip in wet, icy and snowy conditions which in turn helps to prevent skidding, sliding and wheel spinning.

Leading tyre maker ‘Continental’ revealed that a car fitted with winter tyres breaking on snow can come to a stop from 31mph in 35 meters which is in fact eight meters (two whole car lengths!) shorter than if it was fitted with summer tyres. With around 6,393 more accidents on the UK roads in winter than there are in summer, winter tyres are definitely favourable.

As well as winter tyres, there is also the alternative of Snow Tyres. These tyres are a very specific manufacture and should only be used in remote, snow covered locations. They are different from winter tyres because they have spikes protruding from the rubber giving specific grip on the road. In fact, these studs on the tyres damage the road in usual conditions and so it’s important to limit the use of these to certain months of the year only.

Normal tyres tend to stiffen up during the winter and with winter tyres being effective in temperatures below 7 degrees which we see frequently during winter months, we would definitely recommend them at Quest Motor Group.

Here at Quest Motor Group, we are able to supply and fit winter tyres for your vehicle, no matter what the make and model. So whether you are looking to get your car booked in ready for the colder months or simply want some more information, get in touch with our friendly team!