We're answering the most popular questions we are asked about getting started with a Suzuki right here in quick and simple videos. If you need any further assistance after watching the video, get in contact with a member of our team who will be happy to help.

How to change your clock?​

Changing the clock in your Suzuki is made simple in the below video.

How to connect your smartphone?

Get your phone connected to your Suzuki in less than 2 minutes with the video below. Works for both iPhone and Android.

How to play music in your Suzuki?

Start bopping to your beats in just a couple of minutes in this short, yet informative video.

How to use manual air conditioning?​

Keep cool by switching on your air conditioning and enjoying the refreshing chill.

How to use climate control?

Enjoy the perfect temperature with climate control, select the temperature you want and the car will take care of the rest - never get too hold or too cold again.

How to use the Suzuki radio?​

Using the Suzuki radio is simple, we talk you through it in this video.

How to use your Sat Nav?​

Find your way around the satellite navigation system in your Suzuki in the video below.

How to use cruise control?​

Cruise through this video in just over two minutes and you'll be cruising the roads in your Suzuki in no time.

How to fold the rear seats?

Make more room in your Suzuki for larger items by folding down the rear seat quickly and easily.

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