The New Suzuki Swift Sport Designed to excite, with its sporty looks and dynamic drive. Starting from £24,020 (includes £250 saving)

14-Day Return Guarantee

We're sure you'll love your new Suzuki, but we understand that finding the perfect car is a journey - and it's one that we're on board with. That's why we're proud to guarantee that if you decide that your new Suzuki doesn't quite fit your needs, then you'll be able to simply return it to us.

With a Side of Hybrid Sporty With added self-charging HYBRID technology, The Swift Sport now has greater fuel economy, lower CO2 emissions and can achieve a longer driving range*, all without having to plug in your car to charge.*Compared to equivalent petrol Swift Sport
Stand Out Striking Sporty Styling Section Text: Modern and striking the Swift Sport has 17inch polished alloy wheels, carbon effect from and rear sport bumpers, a rear-upper spoiler and a twin exhaust system.
5-Stars Drivetribe August 2019 “Suzuki have rightly gained an excellent reputation for producing engines that surprise with small capacities yet strong power and the Sport Power plant is another gem of a motor.”
Swift just got better Quicker, stronger, and more powerful than its standard model sibling The Suzuki Swift Sport is a hugely impressive car that has the credentials to match any other hot hatch currently available. The Suzuki Swift Sport is Suzuki’s best sports hot hatchback to date. Designed to excite, the Swift Sport has a striking new front grille to create a real sense of drama.
Get Connected Stay Connected Miles of convenience and entertainment at your fingertips with Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity including Apple CarPlay and android auto.
Safety as Standard Advanced Safety Sporty doesn’t come at a compromise – The New Swift Sport is incredibly safe featuring standard technology above and beyond most of its key rivals, including radar systems to help avoid or reduce damage from collisions, lane departure waning, blind spot monitoring and road traffic sign recognition.
Your Next Steps Whether you’re ready to come in and buy, or just looking for some more information on the Suzuki Swift Sport, we're here to help. Get in contact with a member of the team today.