The New Suzuki Jimny The light commercial vehicle with a huge following. Iconic and capable. From just £21,699 (incl. VAT)

14-Day Return Guarantee

We're sure you'll love your new Suzuki, but we understand that finding the perfect car is a journey - and it's one that we're on board with. That's why we're proud to guarantee that if you decide that your new Suzuki doesn't quite fit your needs, then you'll be able to simply return it to us.

Powerful New Engine Performance Able to handle everything chucked at it, the New Suzuki Jimny's 1.5-litre engine powers the part-time 4 wheel drive system with ease offering a fantastic combination of traction and efficiency. When the going gets tough, the low range transfer gear can be initiated for maximum torque and better traction on rough terrain and steep slopes.
4x4 Technology Ultimate Offroader The Jimny adapts to every situation, featuring a part time 4WD system with low range transfer gear. Shift the lever to the 4L mode (4WD- low gear) when the going gets tough for maximum torque and better traction on steep slopes and rough terrain.
Ultimate Explorer Made to Explore Flat and square bonnet design, which lets you keep the front corners in view, offering excellent visibility on uneven terrain. Cutaway bumpers offer outstanding ground clearance at the wheel, ensuring more grip when climbing over obstacles. Jimny is small enough to take you places other larger 4x4s can't. Plus it's really light, which helps it get over tough terrain.
Advanced Safety Technology Safety as Standard Featuring the latest technology throughout the New Suzuki Jimny give you an off-road beast that'll keep you connected to your nearest and dearest while on or off-road. Loaded with great safety features to keep you safe on the road, including lane departure warning, dual-camera brake support, LED running lights and a whole lot more, you can rest assure your family is well protected in the New Suzuki Jimny.
Ready Inside & Out Rugged Interior The interior of the New Suzuki Jimny is ready to explore too. Kitted out with practical and easy to clean materials across the dash and floor space, while retaining high levels of technology and connectivity.
Low Stock Limited Availability As you probably know, the iconic Suzuki Jimny is in high demand, with a waiting list for new models and second hand vehicles selling for more than new retail price. If you're after a New Suzuki Jimny, register your interest with a member of the team today and get yourself added to our waiting list.
Your Next Steps Whether you’re ready to come in and buy, or just looking for some more information on the Suzuki Jimny, we're here to help. Get in contact with a member of the team today.