Peace of mind with MotorCheck

Here at Quest Motor Group, we’ve partnered with MotorCheck, the UK’s new "Trade Only" car history checker, to uncover the history of each and every vehicle we sell. These checks are sometimes referred to as provenance checks and are crucial to ensuring the cars we sell are genuine. For the first time, we’ve made the check certificates available for our customers to view online before purchasing, so here’s a quick overview of the MotorCheck certificate, and why each of our checks is so important.


The first check on the certificate is for finance – this looks at whether a vehicle has an existing finance agreement against it. We ensure that any existing finance agreements on a car are paid off entirely before we purchase the car. This is crucial as the finance company will repossess the vehicle if the finance payments from the previous owner stop, no matter who currently owns the car.

Why is there a red cross on a vehicle’s finance check? We put all our cars onto our stocking plan which flag as the vehicle having finance against it – however, you can rest assured this is cleared as soon as you purchase the car. This is standard practice in the motor industry. If you require further details or clarity on this, a member of the team will be happy to provide you with the full and detailed provenance check.


A write off is when a vehicle has been involved in an accident, and the insurance company deem the damage to the car to be irreparable or to cost more to repair safely than the vehicle is worth. We do not sell vehicles which have been written off, and all our cars are checked for this prior to purchasing them. Written off vehicles usually come with lots of underlying issues and problems due to the level of repairs needed and poor-workmanship during the repair – plus the safety of the vehicle will most likely also have been compromised.


Believe it or not, there are vehicles which have been previously scrapped before being repaired and sold again. We do not sell vehicles which have previously been scrapped. All our vehicles are checked for this prior to purchasing. As with written-off cars, there are usually lots of underlying issues with the car, which will cost a lot to put right and cause even more headaches! You can rest assured all vehicles at Quest Motor Group have been extensively checked.


We do not sell or buy stolen vehicles – end of story! Not only will the car be returned to their rightful owner when the police find the car, but any money paid for the car to the thief will most likely be lost. All our cars are checked to see if they’re stolen before purchase.


We all know that a vehicle with low mileage is worth more. This has led to some unscrupulous people ‘clocking’ their car, adjusting the mileage to make it lower than what it is. Don’t worry; we check every vehicle we sell for this too, so you can rest assured the mileage on your next vehicle is genuine.

Why is there a red cross on a vehicle’s mileage check? The mileage check looks at the cars previous provenance checks and MOT data to establish if there are any discrepancies in mileage during the history of the vehicle. Occasionally the mileage of the vehicle may have been input from a previous MOT test inaccurately or carelessly which has caused the check to fail. When this happens, we look carefully at the history of the vehicle to establish whether this is a genuine mistake, if we believe it is, only then will we continue with the purchase and sale of the car.

Why a MotorCheck Certificate?

The MotorCheck certificate is a summary of the critical checks we perform on each and every vehicle we have for sale and provides a financial guarantee that the checks are correct. This certificate is your peace of mind that the car has been thoroughly checked and is safe for you to purchase.

Still, need more information?

If you require any further information on a particular vehicle, we can provide the full and detailed MotorCheck of the car or an updated MotorCheck on the car. Just get in contact with a member of our helpful and friendly team and the full or updated MotorCheck will be emailed to you.