Peace of mind with Vehicle Health Checks

Here at Quest Motor Group, for the first time, we’ve made Vehicle Health Checks available on our website for each and every vehicle that we sell. We’ve made these checks available for our customers to view, giving them complete confidence when purchasing their next vehicle from us.

Each vehicle goes through a thorough 121 Point Vehicle Health Check to ensure it meets our high standards. Any items that fail our checks are replaced or repaired before a final health check is done in which all items should have a green tick.

The 121 point Vehicle Health Check includes vital elements to ensure the vehicle meets our high standards here at Quest Motor Group. Items that are checked include Exterior and Interior fittings, Engine Compartments, Electrical Controls, Suspension, Tyres, Fluids, Brakes and more.

We’re proud to be one of the first dealerships in Essex to display Vehicle Health Checks on our website, readily available for our customers to see. It’s quick and easy to view, with a simple click you’re able to see the complete check of your next vehicle.

The Vehicle Health check is your peace of mind that the car has been thoroughly checked for any faults and is ready for you to drive away in perfect condition. It allows you to buy in complete confidence, with the knowledge that each and every part of the vehicle has been checked over by our expertly trained technicians.

Rest assured that any items that may have failed our initial checks are replaced or repaired before a final health check is carried out by our technicians, meaning your dream vehicle is ready to be driven away.

If you require further information on a particular vehicle or Vehicle Health Check, simply get in touch with us where a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.