What is wheel alignment and why is it necessary?

Maintaining proper wheel alignment is crucial not just for the performance and safety of your vehicle but also for the longevity of your tyres.

Unfortunately, our roads are currently plagued with potholes, and the uneven surface can play havoc with your wheel tracking, causing your tyres to become misaligned. Incorrect alignment could lead to uneven tyre wear, compromised handling and reduced fuel efficiency.

Hunter Wheel Alignment at Quest Motor Group

The benefits of correct wheel alignment include:

  • Improved driving experience
    A car with correctly aligned tyres provides a smooth and comfortable drive and provides improved vehicle handling and steering – so driving in a straight line is easier, as is turning corners.
  • Enhanced tyre life
    Properly aligned wheels distribute pressure evenly, helping to lower the rate of wear and tear on your tyres. Tyres will have an even rate of wear and tear around the whole wheel, while signs such as wear specifically on the inside or outside of the wheel indicates misalignment.
  • Better fuel economy
    When wheels are not aligned, your vehicle has to work harder which means higher fuel consumption due to over-steering to compensate for any misalignment.
  • Increased safety
    Ensuring proper wheel alignment will help to prevent potential accidents, reducing the loss of control and handling.

Hunter 4 Wheel Alignment now available at Quest Motor Group

As an approved Bosch Car Service centre, we offer our customers the highest level of service and expertise in all areas of car servicing. Now, we’re delighted to be able to offer 4 wheel alignment from Hunter – laser precision tracking at our dealership in Braintree, Essex.

Why choose Quest?

Whilst most service centres will manually check your alignment we have a secret weapon - the Hunter 4 wheel alignment system, a tool that helps our expertly-trained mechanics make sure your car is driving straight and true.

It works by measuring the angle and direction of your wheels, making sure they are aligned correctly with each other and with your car's frame. During the initial check, the Hunter wheel alignment system will use lasers to precisely measure the position of your wheels and compare them to the ideal position. If the wheels are misaligned, the system will advise the mechanic how to adjust them so they are back in perfect alignment.

Hunter Wheel Alignment at Quest Motor Group

How much is wheel alignment and how long does it take?

A wheel alignment check only takes between 10 – 15 minutes and is free of charge. If any adjustments are required, we’ll be glad to offer a no obligation quote to get them back in perfect alignment.

Our wheel alignment service is suitable for cars, vans and motorhomes. Please call our service team to confirm if your vehicle is able to be checked.

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