Vauxhall OnStar - Your Personal Mobility and Service Assistant

Vauxhall OnStar is leading the automotive industry in Telematics, making Vauxhall vehicles the smartest and most connected in the market.

Vauxhall OnStar will bring a new level of personal assistance and safety to your new Vauxhall, including a High-speed 4G LTE mobile network, vehicle diagnostics, stolen vehicle tracker and an emergency response notification. OnStar will be offered on selected vehicles after October 2015, fully fitted as standard on some models and offered for 12 months free of any subscription on all OnStar vehicles.

An Automatic Response if you crash

Vauxhall OnStar will activate an emergency response signal as soon as an Airbag is deployed in the vehicle. The immediate response by OnStar brings the following:

  • An OnStar trained representative will be on the phone to you in a matter of seconds speaking your chosen language.
  • OnStar sends a response to the Service Center, with your location, travel direction, vehicle colour and the extent of the damage.
  • All this information is passed onto the Emergency Services in a matter of seconds if your vehicle information warrants it
OnStar saves lives.

Roadside Assistance

If your vehicle breaks down, OnStar is at hand to get your moving again - even in the most remote areas.

  • If you have a poor cell phone reception or can't get signal, press the Service Button to talk to an OnStar Service Advisor.
  • Your service advisor will take down your problem and send a professional breakdown recovery team to your location.
A quick response by OnStar when it's most important.

24/7 Emergency Call Service

If one of your passengers has a medical emergency, OnStar is ready to help at the press of a button.

  • Press the OnStar SOS button to get through to a Service Advisor
  • If necessary, your advisor will send details your location to emergency services, who will be dispatched to your location.

Your Wi-Fi HotSpot on the move - OnStar

The internet makes life easier and journeys seem shorter - OnStar keeps everyone connected whilst your moving.

  • A high-speed internet connection on the move, with a stable and reliable signal.
  • Connect up to 7 devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Keep the kids quite in the back with an internet connection to keep them entertained.
  • Speeds quick enough to work or play.

SmartPhone App

Away from your car and wondering if you have to allow extra time to fill-up for your journey? Or maybe you're wondering where you parked?

Use the OnStar App to:

  • Locate your vehicle.
  • Check your fuel.
  • Check your tyre pressure.
  • Flash flight or sound horn to aid finding your vehicle.
  • Lock and Unlock your vehicle.
  • Send your destination address to your onboard OnStar Sat-Nav ready to go when you next start your engine.