Citroën AdBlue

AdBlue goes in your Citroën, fewer emissions come out.

If you drive a modern diesel Citroën vehicle with a BlueHDi engine you may have noticed an additional filler cap either in your engine or next to your fuel cap labelled AdBlue. The chances are if you don't do many miles and haven't had your car long you won't have had to pay any attention to this, however if you're doing many miles and the vehicle becomes older then you may have had to deal with topping up your AdBlue. Don't worry, your car will remind you well in advance that you need to top-up your AdBlue and the Quest Motor Group AdBlue service makes this a quick, easy and cheap process.


Call the service team and quote 'AdBlue':
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Maldon: 01621 876900

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a clear, non-toxic liquid made of urea and water to help Citroën diesel vehicles meet Euro6 standards for cleaner emissions. The Urea and Water solution is injected into the exhaust gasses of the BlueHDi engine, when the AdBlue mixes with the harmful mono-nitrogen oxides the AdBlue quickly gets to work breaking down the harmful gas into nitrogen and oxygen - gasses which naturally occur within the environment. Bus and Lorry drivers are very familiar with this tested and proved technology as they have been using it for years.

Does my car use AdBlue?

If your car is a modern diesel BlueHDi engine then the chances are yes it does. An easy way to tell is to have a look for the AdBlue filling cap, this will usually be next to the fuel filler cap, hidden in the boot or under the bonnet of your car. A quick check of your vehicles manual can help you to locate your AdBlue filler cap. If you are unsure you can give our service team a call who will be able to check your vehicles specification and tell you whether your Citroen uses AdBlue or not. You will also be alerted that you need to think about topping up your AdBlue well in advance of it running out - this will usually be in the form of a message on your dashboard.

How do I fill up my AdBlue?

At Quest Motor Group Citroen we have made filling up your AdBlue easy, when the message appear on your dash to fill it up just give us a call at Braintree or Maldon Citroen to make an appointment to come and see us. Our special equipment and trained technicians will mean topping up your AdBlue will only take a few minutes and starts from just £19.99.

Call to book your AdBlue top-up now.

Braintree: 01376 321456
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