We love our Isuzu's all year around, their reliability, power and style; however we don't love them so much when it comes to servicing them - but all that is now changing!

Say hello to the New Isuzu 3 Year Service Plan, a plan which will give your Isuzu the love and attention it deserves after all that hard work. The service plan covers all the manufacturer service items listed on the standard schedule for your Isuzu allowing your 5 Year Warranty to stay intact.

Not only that, but the service plan will look after your pocket too saving you over £1,000 over the 3 years making a New Isuzu more affordable than ever to run. On top of that the cost of the plan can be spread across the finance plan of your vehicle breaking it down into more affordable monthly payments.

All you need to do is let us know you'd like to receive this special offer on the service plan when ordering your New Isuzu at Quest Motor Group and we'll ensure you begin saving on your servicing.

Terms and Conditions:

1. All servicing must be performed in accordance with the Service & Warranties booklet supplied with your vehicle. 2. The labour, parts and lubricant elements for the first 3 services are covered up to 6 years or 36,000 miles whichever occurs soonest. 3. Services should be performed within 1 month or 1000 miles of the prescribed time and mileage limits to maintain the validity of your Isuzu warranty and must be carried out by an Isuzu (UK) Ltd Authorised Dealer only. 4. All Parts detailed as “R” will be replaced. 5. All items listed as “I” will be Inspected but not necessarily replaced. 6. If you authorise any additional work outside of the schedule of inspection and maintenance then you are responsible for the full payment of this work.

What is not included:

1. Any items listed as “Perform as required at additional cost” are not included in this offer. 2. Also any items which are found to require adjustment or replacement after inspection will not be covered. 3. Any additional work required due to operation under severe driving conditions (as described in your Warranty and Service Booklet) are not covered. 4. The use of oils of a higher grade than those specified. 5. Air conditioning system service maintenance and re-gas charges. 6. The Anti-corrosion service and any re-treatment required will be at additional cost to you.

Service Procedure

When arranging for your vehicle to be serviced, please advise your dealer at the time of booking that it has the benefit of the Contributory Service offer.

Transfer of Ownership

The Contributory Service Offer is transferable to the new owner of the vehicle, but not to another vehicle. If you are transferring this offer please remember to inform the new owner of the terms of this offer and the balance of servicing remaining on the vehicle.

Cancellation policy

Should you decide to cancel your Contributory Service Offer, you have the right to do so within 14 days of purchase, provided you have not made use of the Offer. After this period your contribution to this offer is non refundable. To cancel this offer email us at serviceplanscancellations@isuzu.co.uk and provide your personal details including your vehicle registration.