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C3 Picasso

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Citroën C3 Picasso

More than just an MPV

The Citroën C3 Picasso is more than just an MPV. It's compact on the outside and huge on the inside, with a vast glazed area for panoramic visibility and masses of light.

Bold Exterior Design

The C3 Picasso is designed to be compact and neat, with generous amounts of room inside, the contradictory round square design achieves this marvelously to create a unique and innovative MPV. The friendly front of the vehicle features a dynamic design with a unique LED signature and eye catching lines. The rear of the C3 Picasso features a distinctive cubic design with strong curves and attractive lights built into the rear window. Stylish and practical, boosting your boot space.

Modern Interior Styling

With an emphasis on quality, the whole interior of the Citroën C3 Picasso is ergonomically designed around the driver and passengers. From the mix between the saloon and MPV layout of the front console and the unique modular design of the vehicle, the C3 Picasso is set to achieve any practicality in a stylish way.

Helpful Driving Aids

The C3 Picasso is fitted with useful technology to make everyday life easier. Helpful rear parking sensors alert you of any obstacles around your C3 Picasso making parking maneuvers easy, especially in the City. A rear reversing camera makes any maneuver even easier, showing exactly which direction the car is heading and where it will end up. Cruise Control makes for a much more relaxing drive no matter where you are heading, and with a speed limiter also fitted you'll never have to worry in average speed check area's again.

WhatCar? Winner

The C3 Picasso has unsurprisingly won the 'WhatCar? Car of the Year Award' for 'Best MPV for less than £16,000'. Come and take a test drive in the award winning Citroën C3 Picasso today at Braintree or Maldon to discover why the C3 Picasso has won this prestigious award!

C3 Picasso 360° View

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